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AdultFriendFinder.com Reviews

Adult Friend Finder is an international sex dating platform that is among one of the most established dating sites that give a platform for people to have wild pleasure and fun. For those people looking for hot flings and mind blowing sexual experiences, this is the place to be. The sizzling experience has drawn many singles who wanted quick nasty hook ups. It has helped many people sign up for threesomes, swinger groups and a couple of alternative partners. This site is generally efficient, fast, reliable and very safe and you find the precise person you are looking for to suit whatever needs you may be having. You can find a hookup basically at any location and at whatever time you want. Because of how the traditional avenues have become unpopular and less effective, getting a website to get the sensual gratification you need is essential and less hectic.

Unique features

For people with interest and pursuits in different fun things, this website is best suited for them. It boasts of having large membership and content since it has been active since 1997 and has risen through the global ranks which is quite impressive.

AdultFriendFinder.com is fully packed with great features that help you find sex partners either locally or internationally. For the people who want to keep a network of sexually naughty friends, this platform will for certain make you happy and satisfied, to say the least. When you are bored, and you are online, you can visit this website to get your juices flowing.

For beginners, the website might look a bit overwhelming, but when you get down to it, page navigation if very simple and sleek and loads really fast. There are two basic menu buttons at the top of the page that show you your username, handle and the logout button. The handle will enable you to access the account page and profile page. The account page is where you can manage your subscription and membership and ideally purchase, get your history and the points you have earned so far. On the other hand, the profile page is where you manage what you want people to know about you for example about yourself, your location and what you are looking for.

People who can access this site

Adultfriendfinder proudly and indiscriminately allows anyone to be a member. People from all dimensions of life are suited for this site. The profiles you find on this site are diverse from bankers to doctors to lawyers. Individuals with a desire to have outstanding sex visit that Adult Friend Finder for different erotic reasons and get satisfied. There are people who want discretion, and the site ensures they get it while there are others who proudly flaunt their weird fetishes without necessarily feeling the need to hide.

Sign up

Signing up for Adult Friend Finder is very simple, and it is a process that hardly takes up your time or has any technicality to it. It is pretty much open to anyone so all you need to do is put up your details like name, location, age range and gender and you are all set to explore the endless possibilities this site offers. The site, however, does not conduct any background check on the members, so extra caution has to be taken.


Just like many other websites on the internet, Adult Friend Finder has numerous price categories boiling down to what you ultimately want. Members normally subscribe to this site, and the amount you pay for the subscription will defer significantly. There are those people who will pay solely to be in a position to send messages and at the same time view webcams. For those who want to be in a position to see videos on the site, they will definitely pay a higher subscription. On the hand, there are those who would prefer to be able to send texts and also have access to videos and webcams and theirs will be slightly higher.

For membership, there are four levels of membership status, and they are the free membership, silver, gold and the VIP members. For you to be a featured member, you either need to be active and popular, or you can pay for it. For payment, you either pay for a one month plan or a three-month plan. For Gold membership one month plan, you pay around $19.99 and $17.99 for silver. For a three month plan, you pay $59.96 for Gold and $32.49 for silver.


If you are looking for a spicy and reliable adult dating network, Adult Friend Finder is your best bet. Aside from some drawbacks here and there, this site is easy to navigate, and its features are perfect since it makes your search easy especially if you are looking for something specific.

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