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SwapFinder.com Reviews

Swap Finder that has been specifically designed and customized to attend to the various needs of swingers that are in need of swing couples. The site has grown and currently has a large and very diverse user base hence exposing the users to a variety of options. This adult dating giant is loved because it provides its users with the best swinging experiences that they rightfully deserve. You can find the best swinging partners that the web has to offer using the useful features the site has developed. The most unique and attractive thing about this site is that it has a third party verification service that ensures that the registered people in the site are who they say they are.

Sign up

Basically, this is a very simple process which does not require rocket science to be able to hack. You are required to fill in a few details, and you are all set to start. For this site, your security if barely compromised because you will not be required to provide personal information that can jeopardize it in the first place. You will give your username, working email, location, country and birth date. Also, you will be required to specify whether you are joining as a couple, man or woman to get started and in addition, to ensure you get maximum satisfaction and what you want you are required to say the type of swingers you are attracted to and interested in meeting. Once you have provided the necessary details, you are now free and in a position to access the site and begin enjoying yourself.


Once you register, you are automatically given basic membership. You can view profiles at this stage but it will be limited, but the good news is free members will still have access to the basic search features. If you want to view more and be in a position to see other member’s profiles in details and to be more specific, then an upgrade to the premium membership is a must. When you get the gold premium membership, you will be in a position to see other member’s profiles and also at the same time contact them if you want to. Your profile will also be automatically listed above the people who have the basic membership which means that you stand a greater chance of being contacted compared to the individuals with the basic membership. There is also partial access to groups and blogs for the gold members and unrestricted and full access to other members recorded videos and live videos. In addition to all that, you are guaranteed of being among the first to contact new members when they join the site for the first time.

The main outstanding features for Swap finder for the people with subscriptions are; instant messages, video chat, online list, forums and articles, block members, video chats among many other great features.


Just like many sites out there, there is always a price to get what you want. For the swap finder, in order to get full benefits in terms of features and access to more members, you need to part with a chunk of money. For you to get the gold membership the payments are as below;

  • For one-month gold membership, you are billed $30 on a monthly basis
  • For three months membership, you are billed $60 quarterly
  • For twelve months gold membership, you are billed $180 annually

For payment, it is easy because you can either pay using debit/credit card, check/money order, direct debit or you can use an electronic check.

Who can use this site?

Since people have different needs and fetishes, we can say that this site is basically for the swinging couples that are looking to partner swap. It is however not only limited to couples, but singles too can join and be in a position to enjoy the full services of this site. There are literally millions of different members from across the world that have signed up for Swap finder and are enjoying all the advantages. The third party verification service has boosted the popularity of this site because it is hard for users of this site to lie about who they really are.


Swap finder is overall an excellent site, but it is only great for the established couples that are looking into swinging and also finding swap partners. For the singles and people who are not so much into swinging, this site will probably not be suitable for you. That aside, if you are into swinging then this is a perfect site as it will definitely give you a significant boost in the swinging scene that will be right for you and your partner ultimately. The great and advanced features will greatly help you achieve your goal of meeting the other local kinky couples that want pretty much everything you want in bed.

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